Using iMovie

iMovie Handout

Reasons for use

  • Video is a Very Powerful way to tell a story
  • Teachertube/Youtube/Schooltube
  • A different way to do a "slideshow" or any type of presentation.
  • Present information with real world images and music to make it more relevant and authentic.
  • Digital storytelling.
  • Synthesizing information taught in class, read from the textbook, researched online, gathered personally, etc.
  • Independent reading projects / book reports.
  • Spiff up your Back to School Night presentations with an iMovie!

Ease of use

  • Once the user learns the basic controls and how to add titles, transitions and audio, very easy to use.
  • Drag and drop convenience.
  • Access to all photos, video clips, and music on the computer.
  • Capture video right in iMovie for "on-the-fly" footage.
  • Publish straight to YouTube for easy sharing.


Getting Started with iMovie '09


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