Google Docs

The Docs segment will focus on extending a PLC online (with collaboration, shared assessments, and data collection/analysis), and using Forms for custom teacher observations or online referrals (even on a mobile device).

The Crib Sheet:
Google Docs

The Tool:
Google Docs
Docs Templates for Students and Teachers
Don't miss the fantastic templates provided by Todd Roth.

What is Google Docs?

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Collaboration with Google Docs Google Docs Video Tutorial series
Google Docs Homepage
Google Docs for Educators* Overview for Educators (presentation)

Interactive Overview of the individual tools (with Links to Help Pages):


Forms Handouts

Overview Presentation (From Google For Educators - Google Docs)

Activity 1: Who are we?

Complete this demo survey.
View the results.
Demonstration: Create and publish a chart.
Demonstration: Self Grading Quiz (Your answer to the last question on the survey will be graded!)

Activity 2: How can Google Docs be used at you site or in your program?

In a small group, create a document, presentation, or spreadsheet to illustrate your answer. Example answers include:
  • Using a document for shared notes, meeting minutes, resources, or lesson plans.
  • Using a presentation for shared materials - or presenting data.
  • Using a spreadsheet for sharing and analyzing data.

One group member should create the file and add the others as collaborators.
Publish the file and add the lead learner as a collaborator. Links to the files will be added below. One member of each small group will present the file to the large group.

Activity 3: Forms for Teacher Observation or Data Collection

Video tutorial on Using Google Forms

Link Library:

3 Getting Started Guides for Beginners
NEW! Educational Spreadsheet Gadgets
How to Make a Self Calculating Survey - Collete Cassinelli
A Great Comparison of all Google Docs components
Official Google Docs Blog
Google Docs for Educators
Using Google Docs in the Classroom
Google Docs Templates
Digital Toolbox: Google Docs
Read any web document in Google Docs -This extension (download link) lets you read online documents directly in your Google Docs account with a simple right click.
10 Google Forms Ideas for the classroom - provides template copies for each form by Tom Barrett
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20 Ways To Use Google Docs in the Classroom
Snag a Table of Contents, Dictionary or Thesaurus for your Google Doc
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Educator's Guide- Teaching Revision with Google Docs
Esther Wojciki's Docs and Spreadsheets in the Classroom
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Insert Footnotes
Google Wants YOUR Docs Ideas- click here to submit and see examples.
How to Create a Self Grading Quiz Using Google Forms
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Create Children's Books Using Sites and Drawing Tools Example 1 Example 2
Research Projects- Putting it all together


An 8-minute tutorial on Google Forms for administrators
A template that principals can use to gather data on mastery of the NETS for teachers -- it automatically aggregates the data for them.
A Google Spreadsheet template which principals can share with their teachers for paperless lesson plan collection (includes tutorial).
Additional GCT Resources for Administrators:

A Sample Teacher Observation Form (Click on the "entry" tab.) - From GCT Kern Kelley
Staff Book of The Month Club Using Google Docs - From GCT Melanie Holtsman's Principal
A Blog Post About Using Forms For A Mid-Year Principals' Survey - From GCT Melanie Holtsman's Principal

Google for educators content on Google Docs