Course Overview

  1. Develop your educational video idea

  2. Storyboard all your scenes

  3. Take ALL your footage and bring it to the next class!

Copyright Information

Fair use may apply further. Feel free to contact SFC@HHH for further details about copyright.

Day 1 and 2

  • The movie making process (adapted from University of Warwick, Australia)
    • Develop your idea
    • Create a storyboard (in PowerPoint) & script (in Word)
    • Rehearse
    • Shoot (import PowerPoint slides, images, music, shoot video, record audio etc)

  • Elements that can be included in an iMovie (adapted from University of Warwick, Australia)
    • PowerPoint slides (for titles & credits)
    • Video filmed on Flip cameras
    • Photos from the web
    • Music (mp3/mp4/wav)
    • Sound effects
    • Screen recording
    • Spoken commentary
    • “Talking heads” video
    • Inspiration!

Day 2----After you have your clips--organize your resources:

  1. Copy your clips from the FLIP camera to a folder on your machine---best place for this and ALL docments associated with your project is the SHARED folder on the hard drive of a specific machine.
    This means that you must use the SAME machine until your project is finished!
  2. Copy any photos, images, PowerPoint slides you will use in the movie to your iPhoto application---make an album of these items for efficiency
  3. Download any music you would like to use from our subscription to your iTunes application
  4. DRAG your video clips into the window shelf on the right side of your iMovie window
  5. Make sure you know how to use your microphone/headset for recording and listening to your narration. Watch the demo on how to do this or view these videos on
    Go to #E Controlling Sound in a Podcast: Checking Sound Levels; Adjusting Sound Input Preferences in GB)

Tutorials that will help you work in iMovie 6 (found on our subscription---ask for the log on info!) All Videos below can be accessed through this link---remember to log into the site with our HHH passwords!

  • Beginning a iMovie new project
  • Importing your images
  • Previewing clips
  • Adding clips to the timeline
  • Changing a clip's display duration
  • Zooming into the timeline
  • Previewing multiple clips
  • Copying and pasting clips
  • Deleting clips from the clip viewer
  • Viewing and changing clip info
  • Using snap lines to align clips
  • Using bookmarks in the timeline

Day 3

  • Adding your first caption
  • Adding a title
  • Adding credits
  • Adding a soundtrack
  • Adding transitions
  • Editing or deleting transitions
  • Adding effects to part of a clip
  • Reverting a clip to remove effects and edits
  • Applying an effect to multiple clips

Day 4--LAST day to work on getting your movie ready for distribution!

  • Adding audio from iTunes®
  • Adding sound effects
  • Recording narration
  • Importing audio from an audio CD
  • Editing audio volume levels
  • Muting sound
  • Extracting audio from a video clip

Day 5--Distributing your work

Once your movie is complete, you need to turn it into a Quicktime movie so it is in a format that most computers can play. This is not at all difficult! Watch this Atomic Learning video and follow the instructions with your own movie. (By the way, I can speak from experience that it is very hard to say one's movie is complete!! It has been my experience that most people want to keep tweaking!! Remember that this is your first movie and it will be wonderful, it does not have to be perfect! - It is almost impossible to get it perfect -- the more you watch it the more changes/tweaks you will want to make! Just let go!!!!!!)

That's step 1!! The video is now on the computer you have been working on. To share your movie with others, you need to post it to the web, burn a DVD, or do both!

To post it on the web, you can upload it to TeacherTube. (If you later find that you and your students will be making MANY movies, you can ask Ellen Robertson to set up a podcasting account for you where you can load all your videos into one area).

  1. You will need to create a TeacherTube account if you do not already have one - click here to start this process.
  2. Log in to your TeacherTube account, and click on the Upload button. Uploading a file to TeacherTube is just like attaching a file to an email or your eBoard.
  3. Once the file is uploaded you can send viewers to the link that TeacherTube provides you, or you can embed the video right into your eBoard!
    1. To get the embed code, click on the 4th icon under your video -- as you hover over the icon it will say "Get Code."
    2. If you need assistance with embedding your TeacherTube video into your eBoard watch this video.

To create a DVD of your movie

Watch this Atomic Learning video, then follow the instructions with your own movie. (Don't worry about creating chapter markers. They are not necessary with a 5 minute video.)