Final Project Requirements
Digital Media in Education

Your final project will be a culmination of your learning throughout the class. It will be a digital portfolio of your work which will include video, music and digital images you created shown in a variety of different medias to reach students with various learning styles.

*An iMovie trailer to advertise an event at your school or in your class.

*A 2-4 minute iMovie video teaching an educational lesson using video clips and stills. - Be creative and try to think of some concept or skill you teach which could be demonstrated through the use of video.

*A 30 second or longer original composition created by you using Garageband.

Two Journal Article reviews on an educationally relevant technology article that deals with digital media. Reviews should be one page double spaced, and should include a short summary of the article/site and your response or reaction to the content. Please include a link to the article you selected if possible.

*Digital Media Technology Integration Plan
Submit a short paper or presentation or video or slideshow or podcast detailing how you plan to integrate some of the digital technology we have used into your classroom. Could be on a specific App(s), or on integration of digital content into your curriculum to increase student engagement.

Nothing too fancy, just explain how you plan to use your new technology knowledge to help your students.

Be prepared to share your plan along with the above content with the class on the last day of the Semester when you present your digital portfolio!

Be Creative and fun and engaging! The goal is to increase student engagement, participation, motivation and hopefully test scores!