Welcome to Day 5 agenda.jpg

Time to Work on your digital portfolio project and burn your projects to CD or DVD
Backup of media files - Hard drive options/time machine etc.
Sharing of your Portfolio of Multimedia Projects beginning at 10:00 A.M.
Reflection and recap of anything we missed

Possible online sources for tech/journal articles:

Converge – http://www.convergemag.com
EdTechNews - http://www.col.org
From Now On:The Educational Technology Journal - http://www.fno.org/
Electronic School - http://www.electronic-school.com/about.html
HotWired - http://hotwired.wired.com/
Journal of Interactive Learning Research - http://www.aace.org/pubs/jilr
Journal of Technology in Education - http://www.electronic-school.com/about.html
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education - http://www.aace.org/pubs/jtate/default.htm
Learning and Leading with Technology - http://www.iste.org/L&L/index.html
Multimedia & Internet @ Schools - http://www.aace.org/pubs/jilr
Technology & Learning - http://www.techlearning.com/index1.html
T.H.E. Journal - http://www.thejournal.com
Marc Prenskey- http://www.marcprensky.com (Engage Me or Enrage Me or Digital Natives or Digital Immigrants)